Products must be ordered through our online store, via e-mail or telephone. When ordering, an agreement is reached between you and Rerso Holding AB (Org-no .: 556958-3486) and you receive via email an order confirmation which is automatically generated by our web shop without manual review.

All false orders or fraud attempts are reported to the police.

Rerso Holding AB does not enter into agreements with persons who are unauthorized (under 18 years). Purchases made by persons under the age of 18 are automatically canceled. Under Swedish law, Rerso Holding AB does not accept credit purchases for persons under the age of 18.

Rerso Holding AB reserves the right to refuse an order.

Rerso Holding AB does not guarantee that all images accurately reflect the product’s true appearance, but should be seen as illustrations. We reserve the right for final sale and obviously incorrect information / prices on the website. Rerso Holding AB reserves the right to correct this in retrospect in the event of any errors in the product description, eg price, delivery time, number per pack, illustration etc.. On such occasions we will contact you and inform you of the change. You then have your full right to either accept the change or cancel the purchase.

By clicking “Make a purchase” at checkout, you agree to Rerso Holding’s terms of purchase.

Rerso Holding AB complies with the law on distance contracts.


All prices in our online store are incl. VAT. On the checkout page you can see all charges that apply and the total price of your order. Expedition fee is added to orders under a specific order value, read more under Payment & delivery. This fee covers our processing, handling and packaging costs. The handling fee is always stated in the checkout under the heading Expedition charge. When a confirmed order, prices can only be changed by circumstances that Rerso Holding AB does not have, eg. significantly changed commodity prices, price changes, currency changes or changed VAT.


Rerso Holding AB guarantees that the payment options offered through the online store are secure. For safety and simplicity, Rerso Holding AB has chosen to use card payment and payment against invoice. Payment is debited in Swedish kronor. When paying by card, the money is reserved directly from the account at the time of purchase. When ordering an invoice for products that are order goods and manufactured according to your order, the entire invoice amount is paid according to the payment terms of the invoice. Available payment options may vary depending on market, customer type and delivery terms, read more on the Payment & Delivery page.

Cancelation and reimbursement

Rerso Holding AB applies the same reimbursement rules for cancellation of purchases and complaints as for cancellation rights. The repayment is made within a few days from the end of the case that causes the refund, ie. until the item has been returned or until you have provided proof that the item has been returned. The repayment at the right of withdrawal will be made without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the day the case was closed. Refunds are made by reinserting via the same payment solution used in the original purchase. The customer must send a written letter of approval to Rerso Holding AB if the customer wants a different payment solution in case of repayment / return / complaint.

The entire order amount, including shipping, tax and fees, is refunded if the refund relates to the entire order content. If the refund relates to a part of an order, only that part will be refunded and not shipping, tax and fees. The customer is responsible for the return shipping when cancellation of purchases and cancellation rights.

Once you have canceled your purchase, the item should be returned to Rerso Holding AB within 14 days!

If Rerso Holding AB undertakes the delivery or remediation of any. If a complaint is made, any shipping costs must be refunded within 14 days from the day Rerso Holding AB received the advertised item. Return of goods and repayment shall be made without undue delay. Contact customer service for return address and return the item as a business package for direct delivery to the agreed return address.

Cancellation / change

It is possible to cancel / change your order until your order has been processed. Contact our customer service as soon as possible to help you. Ordering goods or a non-stocked product that has started to be produced according to your order cannot change the status and thus cannot be canceled.

Terms and Conditions

Specific delivery terms can be found on the Payment & Delivery page.


There may be times when we do not send an order as above, for example when a product is temporarily out of stock. If you order more goods and one of them is sold out, we will wait to send your entire order until all goods are in stock. Contact customer service immediately after placing your order if you wish to change the status of your order. The change can be made free of charge until Rerso Holding AB has not processed your order. If we have processed the order, there will normally be a cancellation fee. Ordering goods or a non-stocked item that has started to be produced according to your order cannot change the status and thus cannot be shredded. If ordered products are already shipped from our suppliers and the delivery cannot be stopped, it is the customer’s duty to receive the delivery and return it to us if the customer has canceled the purchase.

Delivery time

All specific delivery times are indicated on the individual product pages. Please note that the delivery time may vary depending on the time and date you order and where to place the order.

Delivery Delays

If we are unable to deliver within the agreed time, we will contact you about the reason for the delay and inform you of a new delivery date. If the delivery time is not within a reasonable time, you as a consumer have the right to cancel the purchase. This also applies to order goods.

Transport risk

Rerso Holding AB is responsible for the transport to the customer. This includes if the goods are damaged or lost during transport. In the event of any returns that are not due to inaccuracies due to Rerso Holding’s actions, the customer is responsible for transport costs and transport risks.

Delivery control / Goods receipt and departure notification:

In the case of goods receipt, the goods must be carefully inspected by the customer before the delivery is acknowledged or collected from the agent. If any damage is seen on packaging or on the goods upon receipt, this must be noted on the consignment note before the consignee acknowledges the consignment note. The freight forwarder does not deliver goods without acknowledgment of receipt by the customer or on behalf of the customer. This means that you are responsible for there being someone who can receive and acknowledge the goods when the delivery is carried out. When you, as a customer, have collected the goods, you have approved the goods. Therefore, it is important that you inspect your products carefully, both outside and inside, immediately after you have received them, preferably preferably in place to be able to directly advertise these or choose not to receive the goods from the agent. Ask the driver or the agent to note the damage. Please note that you must not use the damaged product and that you must keep the product’s packaging, so that the whole package and the goods can be inspected when handling the damage case.

If the packaging is undamaged, make sure that you have received a defective product before use by looking at the following:

• Does the product match your order in terms of pattern, size, class and quantity?

• Are there any manufacturing defects?

** You are responsible for the transport risk of return shipping, the risk includes damage or if the shipment is lost during shipping. **

Shipping damage

Any visible freight damage must be reported directly to the carrier and to Rerso Holding AB as mentioned above and the damaged goods must be retained until customer service notifies the customer! Transport damage that is not visible without unpacking must be reported immediately to customer service after arrival in order for the complaint to be processed by the carrier. Ie this refers to transport damage that was not detectable upon receipt of the product. Transport damage reported after an unreasonably long time from receipt is not approved. Do not use freight damaged products but contact us directly.

Rerso Holding AB cancels all claims for additional compensation from the customer as a result of transport damage or damaged products, we always recommend that you wait to book any specialist for the installation of your product until you have received the product and been able to check that it is undamaged.

Order not received

If the customer is not discoverable during repeated notification attempts and / or when unloading pallet orders, the customer will be charged SEK 2,500 per pallet for handling costs incurred in the form of shipping costs, storage and administration. If parcel orders that are delivered directly to the customer or at a delivery point are not redeemed, the customer will be charged SEK 395 per package. Unauthorized delivery or retrieved mail will not be regarded as a right of withdrawal.

Misplaced goods

If any of the delivered goods are incorrect, please contact our customer service as soon as possible. Misplaced goods may not be used, as the buyer is considered to have approved his purchase and delivery. Incorrect goods should be stored unused and carefully, preferably indoors, pending action by Rerso Holding AB.

Shared order

For larger orders, the order may be divided into several deliveries by our logistics partner and no costs will be added. This is especially true since the order contains goods from several manufacturers. If you have any questions about shared delivery please contact our customer service.


All pictures and drawings must be regarded as illustrations and cannot be guaranteed to accurately reflect the appearance, color or function of the goods.

Installation manual / Product sheet

Installation instructions / product sheets in Swedish are included with all our products. Rerso Holding AB cannot help with the assembly of products. Rerso Holding AB, on the other hand, can assist with mounting instructions / product sheets and contact information for expertise. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that products are installed and used in a professional manner and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Rerso Holding AB disclaims all liability for damage caused by improperly installed and / or incorrectly used products and rejects all claims for compensation from the customer as a result of improperly installed and / or incorrectly used products.


For service matters, we recommend that the customer contact the manufacturer. Rerso Holding AB helps with contact information.

Return policy

For private individuals, Rerso Holding AB applies the law on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises. According to the Act on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises, the customer is always entitled to cancel his purchase within 14 days of receipt of the goods and without having to give any special reason. Right of withdrawal only applies when purchasing as a private individual. If you, as a customer, want to undo your purchase, please contact our customer service.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to the following types of goods:

  • Manufactured goods, goods that have been manufactured in accordance with the Customer’s instructions or which have otherwise received a personal touch.
  • Broken seal goods that cannot be returned due to health or hygiene reasons. For example, headphones, cosmetic and hygienic products such as makeup and hair care, shavers, electric toothbrushes, pacifiers / scales, scales and similar products.
  • An item that can deteriorate quickly or become too old. For example, food or medicine.

For other goods, the product may be inspected within reasonable limits at no cost, the product may not be used unwarranted or consumed in abnormal volume. When using the right of withdrawal as a customer, we have the right to make deductions corresponding to the reduction in value as a result of the product being handled to a greater extent than was necessary to determine its characteristics or function.

In connection with an order of goods for which the right of withdrawal does not apply, the Customer will receive clear information on this. If a product has been sealed, the Customer may not break the seal if he wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal. The right to regret thus terminates when the Customer breaks the seal on a sealed item. Sealing also means technical sealing, for example serial number.

The Swedish Consumer Agency has developed a cancellation form that can be used to implement your right of withdrawal: The Swedish Consumer Agency’s cancellation form.

According to the Law on distance contracts and agreements outside commercial premises, the right of withdrawal does not apply if the agreement refers to: “a product which is to be manufactured or substantially changed according to the specific wishes of the consumer or which otherwise will have a clear personal touch”. Examples are those products that are manufactured to order and customized to the customer’s wishes.

When the buyer approves our terms of purchase when ordering, the buyer agrees that Rerso Holding AB will begin the fulfillment of the order. This means that the customer has no right of withdrawal from the time when products such as the above example have started production.

When claiming the right of withdrawal, you as a customer are responsible for the return freight and any returnable damages, ie. if the product is damaged or lost during shipping back to us. If you have already regretted your purchase when you want to cancel your purchase, please read on under the section Returns below.

If you are not sure which products are not covered by the right of withdrawal and open purchase, please contact our customer service.


When invoking a right of withdrawal or exchange, the following applies:

Notify our customer service within 14 days of receipt of the order or a substantial part of it. You as a customer are responsible for the return shipping. Once you have canceled your purchase, the item should be returned to Rerso Holding AB within 14 days!

Return Notice shall contain the following information:

  • Order number.
  • Article number of products returned.
  • Product name of the products returned.

NOTE! Before returning the item, you must wait for information on the return address and return number from our customer service. Return the item as a business package for direct delivery to the agreed return address. The product must be in unchanged condition, ie. unused, not destroyed or damaged. The item must be complete for approval as a return, which means that it is your responsibility to ensure that all parts of the product are returned to us upon return.


  • Rerso Holding AB does not redeem parcels for collections / postal advances!
  • Return the item as a business package for direct delivery to the agreed return address.
  • Always ask for a receipt / delivery note from your shipping company and always save the delivery note on your return shipment until the return is completed!
  • Upon return from you as a customer to us, you are responsible for any damage that may occur during transport. Therefore, be sure to pack the goods well!
  • Please note that returns only apply to private individuals!


Rerso Holding AB gives you a full factory guarantee on all products, which means at least 1 year warranty. We follow the guidelines and conditions issued by the manufacturer. The warranty applies only to the first owner and in Sweden.

Some of our suppliers have a longer warranty period than 1 year. You can always contact customer service for current warranty terms for the product you want to order.

If a repairman is sent out in notified warranty cases and no errors can be found, we must charge you through our suppliers the costs that may arise. This is also true in cases where you caused the injury yourself as in, for example. fault mounting or handling error.


Rerso Holding AB applies the Consumer Purchasing Act to complaints, which means 3 years of right to claim. In case of suspected product defects, the complaint must be made before mounting / using the product. We only accept complaints in writing. Enter order number, name, complaint reason and attached pictures and we will return as soon as possible. In case of cargo damage, attach pictures of the damage and packaging in your notification. Complaints should be made as soon as the error should have been detected.

Rerso Holding AB is responsible for the return shipping for approved complaints. We always carry out our complaints together with the supplier. We do not stand for compensation products (loan products) in the event of a complaint.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

The European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform (ODR) is for consumers and traders in the EU. Here you can get help resolving disputes about your purchase online – without going to court. The site is free to use and operated by the European Commission.

General Complaints Board

Rerso Holding AB follows the General Complaints Board’s recommendations in a possible dispute.

General Complaints Board Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm.

Privacy & Security

Personal data

When you shop at Rerso Holding AB, you enter personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and in some cases also social security numbers. We need this information to deliver the goods to you. Social security numbers are required in case you choose to pay by invoice. The e-mail address we need to confirm orders / deliveries and will also act as username the next time you shop in our online store.

Your personal data is stored in our business data system according to the prescribed period of 10 years of the Personal Data Act (PUL). Rerso Holding’s employees with customer contact have access to the stored data. Otherwise, they are only accessible if you log in with your account details. As a customer, according to PUL, you have the right to obtain the information we have registered. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that it be corrected or deleted. If so, contact our customer service and we will help you.

Rerso Holding AB does not contribute to sending so-called SPAM. As a customer to us you can receive e-mails regarding your order, payment or other communication you initiated as well as information, newsletters or offers about our customer relationship.

We do not disclose personal data to third parties.

Read more about how we handle personal data on our Personal Data Policy.


According to the Electronic Communications Act, which came into force on July 25, 2003, anyone who visits a website must be notified if cookies are used. When you visit this site, cookies are stored on your computer. These cookies are so-called. session cookies and are used to keep track of your login (if you are logged in) and your shopping cart when you shop. Session cookies are not stored on your computer for a long time, but disappear when you close your browser.

If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can set your browser to automatically deny cookies or to inform you if a website uses cookies. If you turn off cookies, you will not be able to shop, as the customer basket and login require cookies to work. However, you can look around the store without having cookies enabled.


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